Question Games crashing/computer crashing

Dec 17, 2022
So I've been having problems with games crashing, and some of those times my entire pc either black screening or blue screening. The images attached are slightly old, the differences are that now i have a top intake and a front intake for a 360 aio liqiuid cooler. So i didnt have these problems when i had the air cooler on my cpu. Also i changed my top to intake since I was thinking my gpu was just overheating. Anyway, I ran diagnostics on my pc, i have no files missing, ive updated drivers for my cpu and gpu. I ran benchmarks on my gpu and that crashes my pc, i used the heaven benchmark, and it would crash at ~24/26 in the benchmark, or at 80C. Which i kind of predicted since my limit was at 83C at the time. However that does not really explain why i would have games crash. Specifically Overwatch 2 and World of warcraft, I also uninstalled and reinstalled both and scanned and repaired both games. Still either crashes my games or in some cases my entire pc. Also I went and undervolted my gpu to keep temperatures even lower so they dont ever exceed 60C. Also my cpu usage never exceeds 30% and memory is about the same or less and my cpu temperature doesnt get about 40C. But i still will encounter game crashes and a little less often full computer crashes.