Question Games crashing, need help!

Apr 21, 2019
So I built a new computer in november of last year and I have had a problem with crahes in games ever since.
Most of the games that are crashing first freezes and then quits to desktop with no error messege, and some freezes the whole pc and requires a reset from the button on the case. The game that is crashing most often and freezes the whole pc most often is battlefield 5.

My specs:
Corsair 150i aio
32gb 2666 corsair vengence
Prime z390-a
850w antec hcg psu

What I have tried:
I have removed all oc. Reinstalled graphics drivers with ddu. Tested the ram. Changed compatability settings for affected games and changed settings in the nvidia controllpanel. Even reinstalled Windows. Then I used msi afterburner to put a power limit on the gpu at 80% current, that seems to have made the problem less frequent but it also limits the performance.
I have the latest graphics drivers and bios update. And temps in system are low.
Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be or what more I could try?
Would using 2 powercables for the gpu maybe work, since taking the power down to 80% seems to help.