Question Games Crashing, Other Windows Flashing

Jun 18, 2019
Hi! I've been having problems with my pc since last night. All of my video games crash within the first minute of being open. Non-game programs have no crashing issues but suffer from occasional "blanks" of the specific program window flashing black or white for a few seconds. Posting in cpu because I'm guessing at this point that it might be a cpu issue.


Windows 10 64-bit
Intel Core i3 4160
ASRock H81M-ITX Motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

The issue started yesterday. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary that I can remember. I didn't download any files or change any settings. I did screenshare with my television via hdmi cable, but the issue didn't begin until a few hours after I had removed the cable and used the pc normally.

I first noticed the issue when I tried launching Apex Legends and had to force shut down my pc to do anything, since the task manager wouldn't come above the Apex window (it's worth noting I was playing Apex just fine when I was sharing my view to the television. It crashed later in the day when I wanted to play more). The same thing happens with all other games (except Maplestory 2 for some reason, but that still suffers from it's own visual glitch), but they don't all require me to force shut down.

I thought it might be a Windows issue at first, but reinstalling Windows 10 and all of my apps didn't solve the problem. I was told to try disabling multi/hyper-threading, and this did seem to work at first, but it ultimately just made each game's uptime last a little longer (they all still crashed eventually). I've also tried updating the graphics drivers, but that didn't change anything.

Would appreciate any advice, I'll answer any questions in the morning when I wake up!