Dec 5, 2009
Hey folks

I've been experience an issue with games crashing to desktop with no error.

My specs:

Q9300 Stock with Freezer 7 pro
Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L
G.Skill PC6400 2x1GB dual channel
HD4850 with Akasa Vortexx NEO
OZC StealthxStream 600W

OK i've played on 3 games in total, all crash randomly at random times. I've gone for hours without it crashing or sometimes it would be ~30 minutes.

Ive checked heat as the main culprit but everthing is very cool at load.

CPU-50C load
GPU-55C load

My thoughts that the memory might be duffed or perhaps i dont have enough of it. I've played on Dragon age Origins and Battlefield bad company 2 and they both require a handsome amount of RAM to run.

Does anyone know a quick trobleshooting program that can pinpoint me to my problem??

thanks all xxxxx



Jul 26, 2008
Memtest will let you check out your RAM if you think that's the issue.

Since it sounds like it only crashes in games and the system is still stable (check events for errors) I would do updates. Meaning update drivers and patches for the games.

If none of that helps fix your issues I would test the PSU. Maybe amps are dropping too much under load and triggering the system to kill the process that's causing the problem, ie your game.

That should get your started.