Question Games Crashing


Mar 28, 2018
Okay so i have new PC i use it Pretty much Daily for the past 5 Month and now its giving me issue

Firstly i completely reset my PC because im getting low Storage and i dont want to go trough my Drive to clean it up so i reset my PC

After doing a reset i reinstall everything that necessary to me and call it a day, When i try to Play Watchdog one time i let it run on the menu for 1 hour because i have to go to somewhere else and i forgot to turn it off, When i come back and play Watchdpg o tweak my Graphic setting to match my liking and it freeze then crash Uplay didnt give me any Report or anything just Crash i tried several time with the same result, Freeze then Crash sometime i can hear the Background sound

After that i tought that only affect Watchdog only, But when i play Homefront: Revolution it also give me the same result, Freeze then crash altough several days ago it works fine

Then i try Men of War Assault Squad 2, I play Singleplayer for like 30 Minute then it gave me error message "Unable to Swap Chain" it gave me that for several time then i gave up

Rainbow Six Siege have a diffrent result that game works but Flickering Graphics and when i try the Benchmark it freeze then crash

I buy The Division 2 several days ago thinking that it will work, When i play it goes trough the setting smoothly but when in the Character Costumization it freeze then Crash altough unlike Watchdog this crash gave me a report and send it to Ubisoft

I really getting tired of this so i tried to Reset my PC again and resintall my Graphics Driver

Didnt give me Good Result

When i try to Benchmark my PC with MSI Kombustor 4 and turning on MSI Afterburner i start it then i saw Flickering on my Benchmark but my Temperature stays normal and maxed out in 61 Celcius i exit the benchmark because it becoming Laggy for some reason and when i quit the benchmark the whole Computer becomes laggy!

I resort to turning force off my computer

BUT When i play Minecraft it completely works with mods! no issue at all

Help is it my Driver issue or my GPU or any other hardware? or is it caused by my Old monitor? i play using 1366x768 Resolution old LG monitor

my System Specification:
CPU: Intel core i7-7700
GPU: MSI Nvidia RTX 2070 Armor 8G
SSD: 500GB Sandisk
PSU: Corsair CX750M 750 Watt
Motherboard: MSI Mortar
Windows 10 Pro x64 bit