Games, Discord, Google randomly closing down


Nov 26, 2016
Since about 3 Days ago i have been having trouble with my PC, i am not really sure what it is, It occurs randomly.

I was playing CS:GO today with my mates as usual, but suddenly i get tabbed out automatically because my Discord Has lost connection and it was stuck on "connecting" at this point i checked my Ethernet cable it was fine on both Ends, and i still had Connection.

I go on google chrome when this happen, i search something random it keeps loading and loading when it eventually stops responding.

When i try to type, my keyboard is responsive but when i press "scroll lock" or "caps lock" or "num lock" the leds that indicate that caps is on do not turn on.

Then eventually CS:GO crashes as i cant tab back in, but i managed to TAB back in once and my MIC stopped working and after a couple more rounds my CS:GO crashed.

My CPU cooler which is a Corsair H150i has the RGB LED LOGO, that stops displaying the colour that was selected in corsair ICUE and goes back to Default Cycling of the colours.

This is the FIRST time i have experienced anything like this so any help Would be appreciated. Also a video that shows what happens:

This PC was built not more than a year AGO specs are as follows:

i7 8700K @4.6Ghz Stable
16GB corsair vengeance RGB PRO 3200MHZ
EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW3
CORSAIR H150i PRO cooler
Corsair RM1000i PSU
240GB sandisk SSD