Question Games Flickering lagging/stuttering fps going down, screen flickering in game sometimes out of game (help me please)

Mar 26, 2021
I have never experience this in my life

One day i started playing COD cold war and the frames started to go down. I decided to update my driver and ever sice i updated it. Games are stuttering, frames dropping, flickering. After that i decided to ude DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and so i did, and installed the previous driver.
It didnt fix the issue. Ive tried so many things to diagnose and nothing worked. I got a friends pc to replace the components to see wich component was giving me issues. Replaced my rx 5700xt for a rx 570. Didnt fix. Replaced my cpu Ryzen 9 for a ryzen 5 3600. Didnt fix. Replace the ssd and hard drive. Didnt fix. Replaced the Ram. Didnt fix. Replaced my motherboard pci.4 for another one pci.3. Didnt fix. Replaced the psu 850w for s 650w and it didnt work Either. i also did clean installation twice and didnt fix. changed my monitor and nothing too Updated my Windows and nothing. GPU temp is stable and so the cpu too. Took out fast boot on the bios, also nothing. Updated the bios amd nothing. Put some windows setting on high performance and nothing and other things that i think are irrelevant. At this rate, i dont know what to do, any help would would be appreciated please....anything please

(also sorry for my spelling, my english is not that good)
thank u guys
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 3.80Ghz
GPU: Red Devil Rx 5700XT
RAM: 16GB 4000Hz
PSU: 850w
MB:ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming (Wifi)