Question Games "freezing"

Feb 11, 2019
So basically every game that i try to run will eventually crash, some will go past the loading screen, but after a few minutes the image "freezes" the sounds keep playing but nothing else happens unless the game ends up crashing or unless i end its process on task manager.
On assassins creed odyssey, witcher 3 and just cause 4 it's like that.
On Forza horizon 4 it freezes mostly on the loading page, but sometimes also on the menus.

Funny thing, on benchmarks and stress tests (firemark and time spy) it passes with flying colours...

Specs are as follows:

Asus TUF b360 pro (wifi)
I5 8600
MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 ti
16gb of ram (2x8 GSkill NT 16 2400mhz cl17)
1tb Toshiba OCZ VX5000 (SSD)
250 Samsung Evo 850 (SSD)
Seasonic Prime Ultra 650w (80 plus gold)

I've tried almost everything, reseating the graphics card, uninstalling the drivers using DDU and doing a fresh install, tried using the previous driver version that i knew that i never had problems with, first thing i did was revert the overclock (which up until then was very stable), check all the gpu power cables and reconnected them, changed the power cable for the psu with a new one and plugged it in a different socket...

At last thinking that the 1070 ti had a premature death, i DDU'ed it's drivers, took it out and reinstalled my old GTX970, fresh installed new drivers... And the exact same thing still happens...

Frustrating to say the least!

Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated!