Feb 2, 2010
Hello, Will the nvidia geforce gts250 and core 2 duo e4300 to 1.8ghz run dark void and battlefield bad company 2 good at nice settings.How far can i overclock my core 2 duo. if not what CPU would you reccomend to play battlefield.
Find your cmos jumper first. If you go too high on the settings, the board won't post. You move it over one position to keep 2 out of 3 pins covered while the system is off, then return to the original position. You can also remove the board battery for a few seconds with the power supply unplugged. Finally, my biostar is great about restarting in safe mode when the bios settings are off. If the board doesn't like your overclocking settings, wait at least one minute to give your system a chance to restart in safe mode and go back into the bios and change the setting back to what it was. Save and exit each time. For a safe overclock, set the cpu fsb at 240, no higher, and try it. You may also be able to bump up the cpu voltage by .1 volt. Don't go higher than 1.4 volts. And if you damage something while fiddling with your system, don't blame me. I choose not to overclock for this reason. I'm happy with a stable system that works.
Try pressing the "del" key at the post screen to enter the bios. Set the "boot order" to floppy>cd>hardrive (or ide 0), and disable the "spread spectrum" setting which may be in the upper right section somewhere. Also if it can't find your floppy, check for a loose cable going to the floppy drive. One small ps connector comes loose easily, so the board may not be finding your floppy drive, causing it to pause at the post screen. Press f10 Save and exit. If your bios settings aren't holding, then find a new board battery. It should be the cr2032 lithium, widely available, even at some target or walmart stores in the battery rack in the electronics section.
Then try using cd>hardrive (or ide0) for your boot order; save and exit. If your bios is resetting itself each time you turn on your system, then you may need to replace the motherboard battery. Most boards use the lithium cr2032, which is $2-3 in the usa. Remember that this board isn't designed for easy overclocking. You want more bios adjustments for overclocking, then you need to upgrade your board to a different chipset, such as the p45, which requires a full size atx case.