Question Games keep crashing HELP!

May 13, 2020
I've tried and tried but for some reason my Steam games keep crashing. I have updated my drivers, checked, double-checked and triple checked that the connections going to my motherboard are secure. I have updated windows, updated my GPU drivers MULTIPLE times, re-installed Windows, checked the integrity of the files on Steam, switched the compatibility over in the settings on Steam, but NOTHING seems to be working... I can play some games for a few minutes or sometimes half an hour or so then the game will crash and or freeze followed by a error message by Steam or sometimes my game will just freeze and nothing will work. I have spend over $1,200 on this PC and would hate to see it go to waste over something that might be very simple to fix. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me??

Note: PC Specs
Motherboard: MSI X570-A PRO
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
RAM: 16 GB G. Skill Trident Z RGB 3600 MHz
Storage: Silicone Power 512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD
Power Supply: EVGA 700W 80+ Bronze
GPU: Gigabyte 5700 XT Gaming OC 8 GB
Case: Corsair iCUE 220T RGB
Wifi Card: ASUS AC750