Question Games keep crashing to desktop on my friends pc.


Sep 4, 2019
My friend keeps crashing in almost every game, the only games he can play withouth crashing every 10 minutes are CS GO and Overwatch, but he also crashes in those games sometimes, When he's playing a game and tries to open a chrome tab he gets the error message: Can't open chrome tab because you ran out of memory. He did a user benchmark where you can also see his pc specs.
We dont know what causes the error, he crashes in every game and even discord when he's in a call,

What we tried:
Clean install of windows 10.
Updating all drivers.
Enabled and disabled XMP profile.

Thanks for help in advance!
How cow that's a lot of errors. o_O:eek:

I would try one module at a time and see if either of them pass without a single error. If you have even a single error, try another memory slot. If you still have errors, more the likely bad ram, but you can't completely rule out the motherboard either.