Question Games keep crashing with nvlddmkm/event id 13/event id 14 errors.

Jun 8, 2022
It's an Asus FX505DT laptop with a 1650 GPU.
My games keep crashing with gpu related errors.
Specifically these errors: Event ID 4101 Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
Event ID 14, Event ID 13.

These crashes have been happening for more than 4 months now and i'm completely lost on what's the problem.
Also another weird thing is that benchmarks seem to run just fine even at 4k. I tried Unigine heaven, superposition, Furmark.

Solutions i've tried (not fixed):
Clean install drivers with DDU.
Downgrading drivers with DDU.
Updated BIOS.
Clean install windows.
Tested my RAM sticks.
Setting the TDR timeout to 10 secs.
Turning off link state power management off.
Setting Nvidia power to prefer maximum performance.


Jun 17, 2020
yeah i have the same problem. I've been doing some research it to this and honestly may have to get new graphics card/PSU/motherboard start with the cheapest option and just keep on changing parts. sometimes we lose in the Silicon Lottery