Question Games lag sometimes, gotta restart pc so it boots up correctly


Feb 24, 2017
Hey so i have been having an issue with my pc in which it boots up incorrectly or something, im not sure but it ends up giving me low fps on all games when i normally get over 60fps on a good boot up. The problem is that sometimes i just normally go into a match and get an extremely choppy feeling with low fps (my pc can run these games perfectly over 60fps). So i restart my pc and it runs perfectly after, lets say csgo, if it boots up bad, i get 100fps in the lobby, and if it boots up correctly i get 300-400 (i use this as a benchmark to see if it initiated properly). The issue happens randomly and it fixes itself after a restart but sometimes i end up going into a match and getting the bad fps.

Thanks for stopping by, the explanation was a little vague so if you need more details please ask!

geforce gtx 1660super
ryzen 5 4600g
16gb ram at 2133mhz (cant overclock cause of hp motherboard)
m.2 ssd as main drive