Games lag upon Startup but after some time it runs smoothly


Aug 2, 2013
What should I name this problem it's not lag actually,It's something more complicated.
Okay here is the configuration of my laptop-
Processor-Intel Pentium Dual core 2.1 Ghz
RAM-4 GB ddr3 1334Mhz
Hard Disk-320GB
No graphic processor.(Intel HD graphics family)
OS-Windows 8 Professional.
I have played many game on this pc at the low graphics setting,games like FIFA 13, FIFA 14, COD MW 1,2,3, Most Wanted 2012(Lowest) Crysis warhead, Crysis 2(Lowest GFX Sett.), etc etc.
But from past few days I'm getting this problem and it's very annoying.
After turning on my laptop if I run any game it runs without lag but it freezes for 1 or maximum 2 seconds and then again it runs properly and again it freezes like before for 1-2 sec. and then it runs properly and it keeps happening randomly without any fixed time interval.It happens with every game.and after some times of playing everything works fine as it should.That means it doesn't freeze at all,the problem goes away.
I didn't have this problem before.I have played FIFA 14 smoothly at Full Resolution (1366x768) with MSAA turned off and FPS locked to 30.And I'm facing this problem with MOST WANTED 2012 and Call Of Duty 4 MW also.Actually every game is running on my laptop like this.
And I have noticed that right after I turn on my laptop and open MY Computer from desktop and double clicking in any local disk drive it opens but it takes 1-2 seconds to open it,that is, I can understand that my laptop runs a little slow right after startup.
I have re installed and updated my graphics driver,defragmented Hard Drives,ran disk check,scanned with windows defender and even I have re installed windows but i didn't format all the drives.
I have plenty of free space almost 210 GB free in my hard disk.But I still have this problem.
I want to know what is causing this problem and what should I do to fix it.
So If any of you have any idea regarding this problem and if any of you know how to fix it then kindly reply on my message.Thank you on advance. :)


Sep 3, 2014
You need to check your temps using realtemp or cpu z or something like that. If your temps on your CPU are too high like over 80 degrees c then you need to be worried and get it cleaned out or sumthin


Oct 23, 2016
are your ram cards damaged in any way. if its getting worse the ram cards may be getting fried. check to see if all your ram is available