Games not playing in hp dm4



Not able to play games in hp dm4 beats edition, it just displays a loading bar saing downloading update and installing update. After that nothing shows up.
sorry i cant say im suprised you bought some overpriced branded junk...
it really is a rippoff system... it has the beats logo but a slow cpu and virtually no gfx processing power.
this is typical of a lot of these so called rap entrepreneurs and the likes who put there brand on anything regardless of the quality and people like you buy it thinking they will get a decent peice of kit. more often than not you dont. reason being the hardware manufacturer knows that its junk but its better for them to give (dr dre in this case) a million $'s for his logo than to discontinue it and make nothing off what is essentially EOL hardware. stay well clear of garbage like this in future. buy from reputable brands like asus, sony toshiba, dell(if you have no option)... if you see something with a trendy logo like beats or skullcandy give it a wide berth.
sorry to have to tell you that, but it is the truth.