Question Games not smooth HELP! (1080ti/9700k)

Apr 15, 2019
A month ago I built my pc. The pc otherwise works great but all the games that I try to play do not seem smooth although there is high fps. Some games feel smooth when I put vsync on but others dont. I've tried all the tweaks what I possibly could find but nothing seems to help.Fps feels like playing 30 though is 100+. I switched PSU and gpu without any effect. My old pc had no such problems. I myself do not know what else to do this makes me very sad when I can't enjoy games and play with my friends.Now i ask for your help. This is causing me a lot of stress.

CPU:i7 9700k
GPU:msi geforce gtx 1080 ti gaming x 11g (tested another gpu)
Ram:G.skill 16gb 3200mhz
Mobo:MSI Z390-A PRO
Psu:Seasonic Prime 850 W Gold (tested another psu. btw the psu makes coil whine noise when under load. I am going to get it replaced)
i got 2 hdd and 1 ssd

i also have two pretty old displays both displays are 1920x1080 60hz
(turning one of the displays off dosent help.)

Things i have tried
-Reinstalled all drivers (many times)
-DDU Fresh gpu drivers install
-Tested all diffrent Nvidia controlpanel settings and tweaks
-reinstalled windows 10 about 3 times.
-tested xmp profile on or off
-tested interturboboost on or off
-Temps are good
-i also tested all windows 10 tweaks i could possibly found
- fps cap dosent help.
-Tried setting windows automatically to cleanup cache
-unplugged all usb devices
-i also tried to install win 7 but usb ports didint work in the setup.
-tested my 2 hdd and 1 ssd
These are all of the things that i could remember

games i have tried and are not smooth

-gta v (smooth with vsync on)
-Fallout76 (smooth with vsync on)
-Fallout 4
-BF1 (this is the only game that works great)

here's all if you need something else just ask. as you can see this is my first post and sorry for my bad english.
I hope we can find the source of the problem.
Thank you.
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May 20, 2019
Hello man do you fix it already? i have the same problem as you now its really annoying cuz i spent all my money on my pc but all my games didn't smooth with vsync off its really making me angry vsync is good but when it dropped below 60 fps its stutters a lot making it not fun to play, if you already fix it pleaseee help me how to fix it