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Question games not smooth/stuttering

Jul 2, 2020
i have a problem since like forever with my setup: i have a 75hz monitor, while playing every games, if my FPS are below 150, which is double of my refresh rate, my games arent smooth at all, it feels like playing at 40 fps or so, when they are above 150 constantly i got no issues at all. at the same time, if I cap my fps at 75 with programs like RTSS (or i use vsync) i get no stuttering aswell and my games are smooth. so now you will say why you dont just cap them? well playing fps games I noticed when my framerate is uncapped the responsivness is much better, which is a thing id like to keep. so is that normal or is there actually something wrong with my setup? Im using an AOC G2260VWQ6 monitor, RX580 gpu and 2600X cpu. this issue happens also with freesync enabled. (my monitor supports freesync which actually fixes the tearing but not the ''smoothness'' of my games)

Also I readed somewhere that high framerate jumping can cause this issue, but even if i limit my framrate to lets say 100 fps and they are constant, the problem still persist.