[SOLVED] Games randomly crash into desktop while playing

Nov 15, 2019
A few days ago games started crashing randomly to desktop without any crash reports, I was on an older graphics driver so I updated to the newest one and it kept persisting. it tends to crash more on rainbow 6(crashes ever 20 ish minutes), other older games such path of exiles or stardew valley rarely crash. I have also
- reinstalled drivers
-tried to roll back drivers(was not able too, I was using geforce experience, have since uninstalled the program)
-updated windows 10

My build is a
2700x( month old)
EVGA 1050ti FTW( few years old)
asrock b450 pro 4(as old as cpu)
Thermaltake 600w fully modular psu(as old as gpu)
3200 speed corsair vengeance ram(as old as cpu, have run memtest for 8 hours no errors)
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