Question games running properly on when task manager is open (windows 10)


Dec 18, 2018
Hi guys,

Me and my friend were today upgrading his PC.

New specs included:
I5 12400f
MSI DDR5 Z690-a wifi
RX 6600
Samsung 980 500GB ssd

After installing the new components we started the process of setting up the existing windows installation onto the new hardware. We installed all the drivers from MBU manufacturers webside, removed old GPU drivers using DDU and downloaded new ones, migrated the data onto the new ssd using Samsungs migration sw and updated the bios. We went to try some games and discovered that all of the games we tested would ran really laggy (around 1-5fps) and once the game was running, even using windows outside the game was really laggy. But everything chaged back to normal once we opened the task manager, even the games would run flawlessly. I search the internet but found nothing on this topic.

Does anybody know what might cause this issue?

I know, that clean windows intallation would probably resolve this, but we are trying to keep the original installation and tbh i am really curious what is the issue here.

Old specs included
AMD fx8300
MSI 970 gaming
16gb DDR3
GTX 1060 6gb

Math Geek

the answer is the one you don't want to hear.

you are trying to move from amd to intel with the same installation.

sometimes it works fine

sometimes it works but has constant and random issues you can't figure out

sometimes it won't even boot.

you are in the second group and will spend a ton of time chasing this issue down only to resolve it and then chase down the next issue..... repeat.....repeat....repeat.

back up the games you don't want to spend the time downloading again, then reinstall windows and enjoy the new pc :)