Games slow down


Jun 4, 2011
Hello everyone, i got a problem. while playing games after a while they slow down games include FIFA, romance of the three kingdom XI. Sometimes for playing a while in slow they get on the normal speed themselves. Here are the specs.

Quad core 2.4ghz
mobo dg33fb
nvidia 8600gt 512mb
ram ddr2 2gb

As for specs getting out dated i played the games on the same specs without any problem and this problem just came up

Thanks in advance


Sounds like a over heat problem. Are you checking your temps? Another thing you could do is open up your case and blow all the dust out of it first to see if that doesn't help it.

If that doesn't help or you already have done that, then look on the net for MSI Afterburner and down load it and check your temps and your fps and a few other things.

This way you can for sure know if it is your temps. I would link you to it but I am on my laptop and I don't have saved or in my favorites. Get back to us and we will go from here. Good luck.
could also be some background process starting up then releasing the resources.

I'd recommend first to confirm what the problem is before you go solving it. Get a temperature monitoring program like hwinfo and check your temps. if it's overheating indeed, clean your vents and heatsinks, if it doesn't solve the problem look into investing some money into additional cooling solutions.