Question Games Started Lagging After Installing A New SSD

Jul 20, 2019
So I bought a Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD two days ago and installed it right away along with my 1TB WDGreen HDD

I Freshly installed Windows 10 pro on it While i already had another os installed on my HDD and everthing worked fine and my OS Got so fast until i installed some high end games which used to worked perfectly fine untill i only had a hdd installed on my system and on ssd they lagged like hell ....

So i took the ssd out of my system and freshly installed windows again on my hdd and games worked fine ....

and then i only plugged in my sdd and installed windows again after secure erasing it and games worked but after this when i only plugged in my hdd all my games started lagging in it too and then in ssd too ...

It is like a micro-stuttering happening at every moment ...

In the time period of two days i have observed this

1. Games did worked fine in ssd at some point ..

2.Games on hdd which worked flawless have started stuttering on it too ..

3.Can there be a problem because of Sata data and power cable ?

My Build

MOBO -ASrock z87 extreme 3

CPU - i5 4670k

GPU- NVidia GTX 970ME

RAM- 8Gigs ddr3 corsair


PSU -Cooler master 500w

And a new cursed SSD :D

I have every driver updated ..

and does sata cables and MOBO Sata slots play a role in making games stutter because my OS is working fine

Current situation is games are stuttering in all three scenario ..

Any kind of help would be much appreciated thank you

sorry for my bad english not my native language..


I think more likely is that the HDD is sleeping and when the game tries to access the SSD windows is waiting for the HDD to spinup, even though the files needed are on the SSD.

windows explorer makes me wait for all drives to spinup before showing me what would have taken 1/100th of a second to get from SSD but for some stupid reason all drives MUST be ready before ONE can be accessed.

when you had the game running on the HDD it never slept, it stayed spun up and ready, now the SSD is doing the work and a page operation is forcing everything to wait on the HDD.

I could be totally off the mark here its just what came to mind with my situation and yours.
a quick test would be to move the game back to the HDD while the SSD is installed and see of running from there keeps the drive awake and eliminates the stutters.