[SOLVED] Games stutter at start of match (frametime spikes) ?

Feb 25, 2021
Hi im out of mind from this. Low demand games such Csgo and Fortnite heavily stutter at start of match, and after like 3 minutes they stutter less (but they still sttuter). League of legends have 1 frametime spike every game at 00:20 game clock. And everytime when somethink happends for first time, thigh such as Kill,deatch,see jungle camps, saw dragon, kill dragon, first turret destroyed, first blood, minions spawned. somebody told me it can be caused by page faults. so i looked at resourse monitor, and yes there is page faults but just when new application launch, after several seconds its gone.

And what i saw on internet this is completely normal. I see some people here have same problems on high end gaming pc with Ryzen 5 5600x and rtx 2080..... there is not chance to find possible fix on internet, trying fix this problem for half a year now.... and i dont have that much money to try switch every component in PC. Help us somebody please . and yes i checked usages,temps, drivers latest etc....i spends with this issue for like 90 hours fixing, instead of ennoy gaming (at least im little smarter about PCs again). And also high demand games like GTA5, controll etc... dont stutter.

Ryzen 5 3600| Brand New/
Nvidia Gtx 1660| 1,5 year Old/
Patriot 16GB 3000mhz Cl16 RAM| 6 Months old/
MSI B450M-A PRO MAX| 6 months old/
Seasonic essencial 550W 80+| 6 months old/
HDD Seagate barracuda 7200 2TB| 3 years old/
SSD Apacer Panther 128GB SATA| 6 months old/

if somebody of you guys had this issue, and fixed this issue share it with us Thanks....