Question Games suddenly started having huge fps drops

Jan 28, 2022
There didn't really happen much. I've had my pc for around 8 months and haven't had any issues in that time, but now I seem to have really bad fps drops every 1-3 seconds. Basically going from 144 to 1 and then back to 144. I can usually play with lots of thing open in the background and now closing them does nothing for performance.

I've played Apex legends and Metro exodus (both normal and enchanted edition) and I get same kind of drops in all of those. I have latest drivers. In Apex legends temperatures are around 50 on both and on Metro they can get quite high since it's a demanding game, changing from low to ultra settings in game does nothing to the fps.


i5-11400F @ 2.60 GHz

RTX 3060 ti

16 Gt ddr4 ram

Samsung 512 Gt ssd

Seagate 2 Tt hdd