Games to keep me entertained

Hello, I'm wondering what types of games you guys suggest for me to get to keep me entertained while waiting for my new graphics card to arrive (i have to wait until the 5th (birthday present) ) :D

The one I have now Isn't working as it should (it works fine just not if i push it, say on crysis.)

It works fine on games like orcs must die, league of legends, just games that won't push it so hard... And I have gotten rather bored with the selection of games at armorgames/kongregate :p

I haven't bothered to send my card back because meh, im getting a new one in 2-3 weeks anyways :p


Oct 25, 2010
It really depends on what your computer can handle. I love the mass effect series and it's not too demanding. Dragon Age was a good series as well. Heroes of Might and Magic series.....