Games underperforming on pc


Jan 29, 2018
Hello! I've got a PC with a 1080ti and an i7 7700, with 16gb of ddr4 ram. I've been happy with the performance, but today I was at a computer store, playing battlefield 5 on an in-store gaming display (it had a 1060 and an i5) and I couldn't help but notice how well it was running at ultra. A guy came along and we talked and I mentioned how bf5 runs better than bf1, which he denied, saying he gets around 80+ fps on bf1 on ultra in 1440p with a 1080. So, that confused me. I typically get 60-80 on ultra in 1080p. Anyone mind helping me out? Thanks!!
Try using the MSI afterburner overlay or another monitoring tool to show you CPU / GPU / RAM usage while gaming to see if any of them are maxing out or getting close to it. That might give you a clue. I don't know about those particular games but it's possible they are more CPU bound than GPU. And if the i5 in question was an 8 or 9 series it will out perform your i7 7700, technology marches on.

Also many people have a natural tendency to exaggerate. Maybe he does get 80+ fps, or maybe that's only the occasional peak and it dips much lower.