Question Games wont work properly on my msi laptop

Jul 28, 2020
Hi so recently I've purchased a new MSI GF63 thin 9rcx laptop with i7 9750h, 16 gb ram, GTX 1050ti with max q design. I've installed the latest game ready driver and geforce experience and a few games (namely, Witcher 3 and assassin's creed origins) . However the game runs extremely grainy and pixelated and at super low fps (10-20 fps). Something more comparable to running on intel HD graphics. The games inbuilt performance tool however shows the graphics processor correctly. I have changed the preferred processor to the 1050ti in the nvidia control panel and it does not change anything. The game also is set to default to launch with the 1050ti.

The CPU also doesnt go above 0.8 ghz ever while gaming, the CPU and GPU utilization is also very low, I dont understand whats going wrong, I've even installed drivers from MSI's Support site and that does not seem to work.

Could this in anyway be related to chipset drivers and power limits ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.