Question Games/Youtube freezing every 15 minutes for a second


Feb 27, 2019

I didn't know in which pdf to put this so I decided to post here since I don't know what is really the issue.

I bought a new laptop ~3 months ago, its Lenovo Legion Y530 and 3-4 days ago something weird started to happen, in games every 15-20 minutes there is slight freeze less than a second but its noticable, I thought at first its game problem I contacted support they checked loggs and there is no FPS dropps nothing, I downaloded another random game played it for half an hour and still encountered freezes, then yesterday night youtube started to freeze like those games, every 10-15 minutes it will freeze for a second or so.

I did a fresh install of Windows this morning and tried some solutions I found online but it didn't work and there isn't really sombody that has had same problem as me with both youtube and games.

Laptop has GTX 1060, 16GB ram and i7 proccessor and games are League of Legends and CS GO so I don't think components are issue. I want to mention that battery had to be replaced on this laptop month and a half into its life, I am just worried that it didn't damage any other components.

I haven't done any changes prior to these freezes so no new softwares, games, downloads etc,

If I got the wrong subforum reddirect the topic in the right one.

Thank you


Run HWiNFO64 in the background (logging on, sensors only) and game until it starts hitching, then check the logs to see if anything looks weird. Also check to see if any of the 'performance limit reasons' were triggered.

You may also want to do the same with GPU-Z so you can check out the GPU logs.