[SOLVED] Gaming at 2k resolution is not worth it! Change my mind.

Aug 16, 2018
Ok, pretty sure the title got your attention, here's the story.

TLDR: From a budget standpoint, is it worth it to spend more for 2k gaming over 1080p? Everybody says that if you have the money go for it. But is it really worth it?


During the next year (and in case Red dead appears to PC :D) i intend on retiring my Q6600 PC (with GTX750ti GPU) and start fresh.

Desired Rig: Ryzen 5 2600/3600 ,16 GB, SSD, good cooling and Nvidia GPU.

Build 1 : 1660ti and staying with the old monitor- 19" (1080p)
I have a normal 1080p monitor and ain't in the need to go bigger. At work i use a 27" screen and it's to big for me, especially when gaming. I am not saying i won't be able to get used to 27", but it's not a decisive factor.

Simplest way should be going with a 1660ti, good price to performance, future proof for 1080p.

Last week i gamed on a 27" , 2k at ultra high (2080 or something). I don't want to lie and say that i didn't notice any difference over 19" at 1080p, but, in my opinion, it's not a huge leap and it's not worth it.
But you might have more experience, maybe i missed something.

Build 2 : RTX 2060 and a new 2k monitor (24-25")
Build 3 : RTX 2060 Super and a new 2k monitor (24-25")

The other way (join the dark side) should be going for a 2060, or even for a 2060 super. But for that to work, i also need a 2k monitor (24"-25" i think it's plenty enough).

So the 2060 might have about 15% better FPS than the 1660 ti, and the super about another ±15% than the normal 2060.

Today in my country the 2060 is about 20% more expensive than the 1660ti, and the super another 17% more expensive than the 2060, but i have in mind that it has 2 gigs more of ram that i am pretty sure it will help over the years.
The 2k monitor adds about 20% to the cost( of the overall build).

A build with 1660ti for 2k i think it's not worth it, as games appear i will be forced to go back to 1080p to keep the FPS stable at 60 fps.
So, Build 2 with a 2060(and a 2k monitor) adds about 25% in price over Build 1 - 1660ti build and no monitor and i receive 2k and a bigger monitor.
Build 3 and the 2060 super might add about 35% in price over Build 1 with the 1660 ti and no new monitor. And i have the same 2k but with better future proofing.

I am listing below FPS values at 2k on high-ultra I gathered from the internet on the games i intend on playing.

Conclusion: I have the money to go for 2k upgrade, but i might worry that the hype does go away after purchase and i will feel sorry afterwards...

GTX 1660 TiRTX 2060RTX 2060 Super
AC Odyssey±50±65±75
Hunt Showdown±50±65±75
Kingdom Come Deliverance±45±60±75
Shadow of the Tomb Raider±60±70±75
Jun 1, 2015
Firstly regarding the 2k hype as time passes the basic standards are going to increase i do recall the time when 720p was hyped and now the basic standard resolution for gaming is 1080p or higher as for the build there is no such thing as future proofing for tech. these builds will at best last 3 - 4 years and you need a upgrade atleast considering the games you mentioned means you will be playing.
Personally i see that you are building a rig just to game, normally i would suggest the 2060 for 1080p @ ultra for the next 3 - 4 years but i recommend you wait for project stadia to come out so if you have a decent net plan like 40mbps or so with no fup grab a 4k monitor and a controller