Gaming Boost Overclock


Feb 19, 2015
I know its almost impossible to make a game work without first having met the minimum requirments usually, now my question are as follows.

Where i only have a dual core 3.8ghz AMD A6 5400k Trinity, i can run games that require the same ghz but a quad core, im rather fimilar with overclocking as i had my old AMD Athlon x2 4000+ runnin 2.8ghz on stock without any heat or instabilities, now what i wish to do is boost my Trinity AMD up a tad but nowhere have i found (yet) what the redline is for stock cooling on this model and what secret tricks can i do with mi ram lol.

can anyone shed any light on some hint and tips/ help on how i can go about bumpin this rig a little

specs are in the message

thanks in advane

p.s i am aware my cpu is my gpu aswell but when set to 1gb and the cpu is in turbo mode, it all seems smooth

Project Zypher
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate x84 SP1 (32 Bit)
CPU - AMD A6-5400K 3.6Ghz (Trinity) 3.8Ghz Turbo Enabled
Mobo - ASUSTeK A88XM-A
RAM - 4GB Corsair XMS3 12800K
Graphics - ATI Radeon HD 7540D
Audio - Realtek HD Audio Intergrated
PSU - ATX 500 +1SATa 500W
Case - Zalman Z9 Plus
Cooling - CPU Stock / 2x Top 120mm LED/Front 200mm LED/Rear 120mm LED
Hard Drives - Segate 320gb SATa 5000RPM Segate 160gb SATa 5000RPM Hitachi 160gb SATa 7200RPM
Other Info Custom Build, Not Overclocked


Dec 27, 2010
It does not matter what other people get because no 2 CPUs are alike. It matters what temperatures you get when over clocking your rig. What is your current over clock, voltages and temperatures (core temps and ambient temps). You want to keep your temperatures south of 80c (depending on your ambient temp) unless you are trying to break a record.

Also for the most part games do not use too much of the CPU. They need GPU power more than CPU power. Now the graphics may bottle neck through the CPU depending on what graphics card you have and if you are SLIing or CROSS FIREing them.

What graphics card do you have and what resolution are you trying to achieve and what game is it that you are having problems with?