Gaming Build Help.


Nov 22, 2012
I am building my first custom gaming build but am stuck on some part decisions. I plan on over clocking my CPU but not extremely high probably around 4 to 4.5 GHz. I plan on using usb 3.0 so a case with that is a must, I also want it to be full tower and perforable white with a large side panel on it. My cart currently looks like this. I really do like the case but i would like to cut down my price more around the $1,000 range although my current price is fine ($1248.91 before rebates). Is there any parts that I need and maybe have over looked, or maybe parts that I plan on buying but there is a better alternative for cheaper or same price? And finally are there any fans you would recommend I get for it?

Edit: I forgot to mention I already have mouse, keyboard and monitor handled and they don't need to be included in my around $1,000 goal price.
Go with a Z77 motherboard and a 3570K instead.

Also, don't get the H60. It doesnt cool better than a 212 Plus. The only reason I have one in my computer is because I got it for free and it looks really cool in my build.