Gaming Build - **Looking for Double Check**


Jul 24, 2011
I have put together what will be my new gaming rig. I will be purchasing it in the later end of August. I must thank all for their advice in my other thread. I am using this thread to show what I have come up with and ask for everyone to look it over and tell me if everything looks OK. Thanks again for your help.


Amt. Part Link
1 Processor
1 Motherboard
1 Memory
1 DVD Drive
1 SSD Hard Drive
1 Hard Drive
3 Monitor
2 Video Card
1 Case
1 Speakers
1 Adapter

Let me say I know the PSU is overkill for the rest of my components, but I was going for some expansion room and the unit I chose has everything else I wanted.

Thank for looking and please let me know if I have made a mistake in selecting any of these parts.



Jul 24, 2011

My budget is up to $3000. As for intended use it is primarily a gaming rig. I will also be using it for multimedia, including audio/video encoding, which is why I took the 2600k over the 2500k. I primarily play WOW but I plan to also play some up and coming games on max settings such as Diablo 3, and Skyrim. With my triple monitor setup I also wanted to keep it upgrade-able in the future should I need to.


Sep 30, 2009
Crucial M4 has a read rate up to 415Mb/s and write up to 175Mb/s while the C300 is 355 and 140 respectively. The M4 is cheaper and they both have the same MTBF [mean time before failure 1,200,000] The m4 is cheaper at $215 each.

SATA 6gb/s is more or less a marketing gimmick. I recommend the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200rpm. You can go for two if you need the two TB.

Your power supply should be from a reliable brand since it can break your investment if it's faulty. I recommend anything made by Seasonic, Antec, and Corsair. Take a look at the Corsair HX1050. It will cost a little bit more but it's well worth it. I believe it should be safe to drop it down to 800W for 6950 but better safe than sorry.

HIS IceQ X Turbo H695QNT2G2M Radeon HD 6950 are $250 after MIR with free shipping. It has a slightly better clock only about 10MHz and 20Mhz lower Memory Clock which isn't as important. You will save money here without losing any performance. You can always download MSI Afterburner and push your specs up a bit. Don't overdo it or it will cause artifacts in games.

If you are still within your budget cap, I would recommend going for the whole 4x4GB RAM. I'll recommend 1600MHz from G.Skills for around $120 or Corsair if you're able to find it within the price range. Both are reliable.



i7 2600k & p8p67 ws revolution- 555$ just saving some money

Silverstone Raven RV02-EW- 178$ the corsair 800d is a hot box and made for water cooling

Gskill 8gb 1600mhz- 60$ good choice on the ram

speakers- 125$ id definitely get something with a subwoofer

Samsung spinpoint f3 1tb- 60$ only get 1 and get another 1 if you need the space. 1tb is a lot

crucial m4 128gb- 215$ cheaper and faster!!!

lite on dvd burner- 20$

OCZ ZX 1200w- 243$ shipped the zx series are great psu's and powering 3 570's calls for some serious wattage

evga gtx 570 sc- 335$$x3=1005$

asus 23" monitor- 160$x3=480$ ave a little money here i dont think you will miss 3 in. around

that is a real gaming build