Gaming build, thoughts???


Jun 7, 2011
Hey everyone, this is the machine ive specced for my first homebuild system, gonna be used for gaming, internet general use. Prices are approx british pounds.

CPU - i5 2500k - £160

CPU Cooler - corsair H80 - £80

MOBO - Asus P8Z68-v - £130 - (recently decided on this over a p8p67 pro)

RAM - Kingston HyperX 2x4gb 1600mhz 9-9-9-27 - £50 (was gonna go for corsair vengeance, but these came highly recommended from several people, are just as fast and cheaper)

GPU - MSI GTX570 OC Twin FrozR III - £250 - (thought lots about getting a 580, but this is a great bargain and i cant justify £100-150 more for only slightly more performance)

PSU - Corsair HX750w - £110 - (im trying to keep this build SLI ready if i want another 570 a few months down the line, so would this be enough for SLI 570s??????)

CASE - NZXT Tempest EVO - £80

SSD - Crucial 64GB M4 - £90 - (boot drive obviously)

HDD - Samsung Spinpoint F3 1T - £40

SOUND CARD - Asus Xonar DG 5.1 - £25 - (wasnt going to get a ded. sound card, but this came highly recommended)

OS - Win 7 Home premium 64bit OEM - £80

MONITOR - LG W2363D 23'' true 120Hz - £160 (chuffed that i found this, im amazed i found a 120hz monitor for this price, reviews are pretty good too :D)

MOUSE- Logitech G700 - £60 - (yeah im a logitech whore)
PAD - Razer Goliathus Standard Fragged Speed Gaming Mouse Pad - £16

KEYBOARD - Microsoft sidewinder X4 - £30

SPEAKERS - X540 5.1 speakers - £60

+ cheap £15 Disk drive + cheap PCI Wireless internet adapter £10

TOTAL ~ £1500

So what do you think???

The cooler is WAY overkill for a sandybridge cpu which run very cool anyway . A mid range air cooler is all you need

the SSD is too small . You will probably only load windows and 3 games on 64 gb

The sound card is probably not going to add anything

and the RAM is pretty budget stuff . Look for lower timings and lower voltage


Jun 7, 2011
Eh, i defiantly see your point about the cooler, and it probably is a little overkill, but im perfectly willing to pay the extra to get those icy cool temps and i love the hydro series look, so call me a sucker, but ill stick with it :p

Thanks for the input so far :) although it is making me think about a few things....trying to figure out if i can afford the 128gig crucial M4



Jun 4, 2007
I have to disagree on the SSD...I have Windows 7, MS Office 2007, CoD4, all of my basic utilities and browsers, and still have nearly 30GB of my 60GB drive free.

I did redirect the pagefile, turned off hibernation, moved the downloads folder, etc, but I still have plenty of room...

The rest looks good, besides the RAM and sound card as stated. Unless you are a major audiophile, the built in sound is pretty respectable