Gaming Computer for $800


Apr 21, 2012

I want to build a gaming computer that can run games such as the Crysis series, Battlefield, The Witcher, Skyrim and games of that nature. I want to be able to run these on the absolute maximum including 8x AA. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080 but I may purchase a bigger one down the road. I am illiterate when it comes to computers so I will need everything built top to bottom. Please do not include keyboard/mouse, just the computer parts. I also have a computer case (NZXT Hades). I'm willing to go slightly outside the budget.

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Thank you


Jan 3, 2010
i have a computer about 3 years old, that can run most of those maximum pretty well. My brother recently did a build similar to yours at my quality for about 700. It is extremely possible to build as long as your willing to over clock and stuffs. Fyi most of your cost will be the hard drive due to the insane prices. My reccomendations

5850 : very good card high quality, ( i bought it at 280, you can now get it for around 130)
phenom II x4 black edition processor, or i5 2500k if you have microcenter around, very good discount
for phenom this should do
or i5 this should be fine

Just do a little research on the features you want. Subscribe to newegg circular and dont be afraid to spend time to search for a discount.


Aug 27, 2011
I managed to put a build together for 711 dollars before shipping and handling. Its not a beast, but it should be able to effectively handle most of those games mentioned on high. As brett said, for a build capable of handling the most graphics intensive games on the market, you would need to spend a considerable amount more. Heres the build:

Sapphire radeon hd 6850 - 189.99 before rebate
Corsair enthusiast 550w - 94.00 before rebate
Gigabyte micro atx h61 mobo - 64.99 before rebate
Hitachi deckstar 500gb 7200rpm - 79.99
Intel i3 2100 - 124.00
Thermaltake commander MS-I snow edition - 49.99
Windows home premium - 99.99
Sony optiarc drive - 17.99
Crucial ballistix 4gb module - 17.99

This took me about 10 minutes to create on tigerdirect, It is still well below your budget, so you could make an upgrade to your CPU or GPU. I would recommend upgrading the CPU to an i5 2500 or 2500k for quad core capabilities, or upgrading your GPU to the nvidia 560ti.