Gaming computer not perfroming as well


Oct 3, 2017
My PC has been acting up for about a year now, the most noticeable effect being the fans are super loud, when I'm doing literally nothing but browsing chrome. I paid someone at best buy to remote access my PC and clean it, and all they did was update adobe. They gave me an antivirus and it actually improved my PC's performance, but like for a day, and then it went back to being loud and generally running games slowly. So this time I took it in, and they said that the main issue was that I had only 30 MBs left of a 2TB hard drive. Fair enough, so I go get windows 10 since I can't find my windows 7 key, and have them look at my PC and re-install windows. Get her back and she runs like a charm. For a day, then I'm back to square 1 with a loud, lousily running PC. The only thing I can think of that's causing this issue is that I downloaded tons of shady ROMs since Nintendo likes to be the Wii ROM police and shut down trust worthy websites. I'd honestly just like to know what's going on with my PC

It is a pre-built.

Mobo is a Sabertooth 990 FX 2.0

Graphics is a RX 460

Cpu is a AMD FX 8350 Eight core

DDR5 memory, and I'm pretty sure I'm on 16 gigs ram.

I've cleaned the fans before, but it seems to be something internal on my PC, as my spotify app doesn't work correctly, and checking Task manager reports that I have like 12 instances of Google Chrome open when I only really have like one, with one tab active.

Idle it sounds horrible, I'm new around here but I have a video of what she sounds like and when I first built her she could do Overwatch fine with the second best graphics settings and I'd barely hear her, now she sounds like a jet engine when I browse Google Chrome.
Feb 10, 2019
I am an ex PC gamer I built all mine and I've had this problem before

The fix I did was took my fans out unscrewed them and rescrewed them back in

And I also got rid of programs that were Bs or I didn't use

Also make sure your drivers are up to date

I use a program called driver easy look on YouTube how to use it mate best program I've used

And it should solve your problem