Gaming desk recommendations


May 19, 2012
I am currently revamping my room by purchasing a new bed and getting rid of old blady blady blah. And I was thinking about getting a new desk, I currently have 3 desks/tables for all my gaming/computer stuff. I have looking at a couple places but never really see anything I like or is the general area of what im looking for. Any help is appreciated.

Important info:

amount of room roughly: 71"x 26"x30" 30" is current height of setup, could change that.

price range: 0-300$ maybe more if i find something really nice, open to all options within reason

What i want it too hold: atx full tower custom build computer, 22" flat panel, 26" flat panel, small 5.1 sound system, large gaming keyboard and mouse, ps3, laser printer and some extra storage for computer parts and ps3 games but this isnt critical.

Any other information needed please ask, thanks very much for any input!


May 26, 2011
just get a large desk from an office depot - you can get height stands etc seperately to add on top, or make them yourself.

This is what I ended up doing as no matter how much I looked it seems as if no-one actually makes a desk a sane person would willingly want to use on a regular basis