Gaming graphic cards best for 3Dmodeling, rendering & adobe creative program


Oct 10, 2011
I'm needing to purchase a budget graphics card to handle adobe master suite programs (mostly- photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, premier pro, flash & dreamweaver, after effects) also AutoCad, Maya & 3dmax, SketchUp & poser. The budget workstation cards seem behind for the adobe CS5 & premier pro needing current & open gl. I'm not a gamer, but would like some availability. However, I would still want to stream & edit video/photos, use blue-ray HD movies. Also near future to work in Visual Studio. This is all for freelance graphic/architectural rendering & fine arts related.

I was thinking of the fermi (gtx 460)gaming cards would handle, tho not finding them open gl (also cuda).. which seems I really need? THerefore, I'm looking to purchase the GTX 550 (EVGA). Preferring Nvidia.

Is this a functional/stable good performer to handle the above programs with professional looking results? ...How does this compare to Radeon HD 5770, 6770 or 6870?...would this be a better gaming card for desinging programs? If so, most reputable brand, and/or, should a steer clear of a specific brand?

I have read some mixed reviews for the the budget ATI FirePro V4800 & V3800 workstation cards.

Am I missing some better options in the >$150 - $175 range? To run in W7pro 64-bit

THXS SO MUCH!!! jazlea
Well maybe go for a nvidea because of the cuda cores, adobe like cuda cores i believe. Maybe a 400/500 series ?

It also depends on which programs you use, got this from the web ;

For Adobe Premiere CS5 Mercury Playback engine we recommend the nVidia GTX470/570+ or a Quadro 2000/4000 card.
For Avid Media Composer we recommend a minimum of a QuadroFX1800 or Quadro2000.
Sony Vegas does not benefit from GPU while editing, but Vegas 10 does offer some GPU accelerated rendering. So for Vegas 9 any good ATI or nVidia card with 768+
megs RAM will do. Vegas Pro 11 will support GPU and CUDA acceleration, so get a GTX470/570 or higher.
For consumer video editing apps like Pinnacle Studio we recommend an ATI or nVidia card with 768+ megs [...] 3a6c6.aspx

Good brands are evga, sapphire, asus, msi, xfx.