Gaming Headset Mic Not Working

I've had this Turtle Beach Z22 headset since Christmas, but I've never tried to use the mic until yesterday. The thing is it has one 3.5mm plug and one USB plug.

My motherboard is the GA-Z97X-Gaming 7, I've tried to use every 3.5mm jack on it but nothing works. I've tried to use it as "line-in" but then I can't hear anything nor does the mic work. It's supposed to show up in Windows sound as Z22 Chat, but of course it does not. I just see Realtek HD Audio Mic and Line-In and Stereo Mix under Recording Devices.

Windows doesn't seem to play nice with it because no matter what configuration I try I can't get Windows to recognize the mic.

Other headsets I've owned had two seperate 3.5mm plugs for headphones and mic. Any ideas?



TB headsets often have a larger block that's used as an audio mixer. For this reason, it needs multiple sound channels.

The USB, IIRC, feeds both the microphone, and one audio channel. You'll have to test with a friend (use the roller wheels on the brick to adjust the separate volume channels) to see what's what. It's either the chat line or the game line.

This will be important, as the chat audio-out adjusts volume to keep pace with the game line-out. The 3.5mm one is the other line. Again, test this.

Do you have the manual still? Additionally, check the wheels are correct. There's usually a mute switch on it too.

I have the PX22, but I imagine your setup is like this?

Also, ensure that you download your latest realtek drivers. Here's my config:

Note, those will show slightly differently. I named them GAME and CHAT because I can never remember.
Thanks for the info. I think it may be that the USB on the headset isn't working. It says USB Device not recognized when it's plugged in to my PC. Are you using Windows 10?

*Edit. Yep I just tried to use it on another Windows 7 PC in my house and it shows up like yours. It must be a Windows 10 issue with the USB.



Good to hear that worked. I don't recall having edited anything when I moved to Win10 personally. I would check to see your chipset and USB drivers are up to date, but if nothing else, if the Mobo tweak worked then you're still doing fine.

If you need software to switch channels (as you might notice I do with a monitor) Nircmd by Nirsoft comes highly recommended. I remapped my logitech g600 DPI buttons (2x) to switch between the two devices easy peasy.

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