Gaming Headset (that doesn't pick up background noise)


Sep 18, 2011
Hey, I would like to purchase a headset for gaming (on my xbox 360 and PC) that does not pick up background noise... such as others talking. I am currently using turtle beach x11 headset but it picks up EVERYTHING. I remember that the old xbox headset you get with your xbox does not pick up any sounds... at least for me it only picked up MY voice.

I need the headset to be over ear, and it has to be of decent or good quality that will last for some time. i'm willing to spend around 150 dollars for a headset.

suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thank you :)


Mar 29, 2012
I have Steelseries 4xB's and they are pretty good for both.
Nobody has complained for ant bg sounds (on Xbox), but on PC I have to crack up the Mic volume.

One downside is that the cable is really short (about 0,5m), so when I use it on the PC it doesn't give me much room to move.

If the Turtle Beaches came with some sort of adaptor for the 360, I would suggest that you buy the PC version Steelseries. I hear that Siberia V2's are pretty good, and they cost only about 70€ ( don't know how much in dollars)

I hear that's the site you get everything around your side of the pond