Gaming Headset


Jun 27, 2012
Hey, I'm in the market for a $100 gaming headset for my friend.
I've done some research, but I figure it's sometimes better to others about models too.
Anyway, my specifics are within $100 (That includes any accessories too, for base price. Willing to go over for tax + s/h), compatible with 360 (As he does do some gaming on there, but mainly needed for PC) and not wireless (High battery bills. Not fun.)

TL;DR, Under $100 base price + accessories, PC/360, not wireless.

I just received some Razer Megalodon's the other day, and they are pretty great. But that's for 100% PC play.
Razer does have some nice headsets, but most are for PC, and the ones that are compatible with the 360 are wireless.

Turtle Beach z6a's might work with 360, I have to look that up.

I don't want anything to do with Tritton, as it's a Madcatz-owned company, or product line. Nothing against them, just don't wanting Madcatz.

I'd go for the Steelseries Siberia v2, but $77.99+Accessories might kill it for me.

I'm free to any other suggestions too, models or companies that haven't been mentioned here.


Jul 1, 2012
I loved my Corsair headset but after a month or two the left headphone stopped working unless you wiggled the wire vigorously. The cord was way too long and I kept rolling over it with my office chair, that was probably the reason. But as for sound quality it was really good, very comfortable as well. Now I have Razer Electras and so far they've been awesome. Really comfortable great sound quality.


May 25, 2011
TurtleBeach does really good stuff. The one I had had great audio quality, bass, and microphone. The only problem I had with it was that Windows wouldn't recognize it but Steam would.

The best advice I can give is to get a headset that is comfortable on your head. If you can, try them in a store. If you can't, buy from a site that has a lenient return policy. If you will have to live with this headset for a long time, you want to get one that you can wear for hours without discomfort. Also, do not get a multipurpose headphone (e.g. for Xbox -and- PC) because of compatibility issues like that. If you plan on using it primarily for PC, get a PC focused headset; it will provide the best user and audio experience.

I use a Creative SoundBlaster Tactic(3D) Sigma. The detachable mic is nice and the sound quality is good to my ears. My only problem is that the software could only be downloaded from their site which must be across the world because the download took an hour for around 80MB.

If you must get one that does both, TurtleBeach is solid. The only reason I don't use it anymore is because my dog chewed up the cable.


Jun 1, 2012
I must say that the playback sound quality on siberia v2 is superb for the price range. They EASILY bested my over 120$ Sennheiser ones. Secondly, they are the comfiest headphones I've tried on. I really can't comment on the others but for me it was the best 63€ spent.