Gaming is fun, cheaters beware...


Aug 5, 2016
Gamers love to game. I like racing, fps, and adventure games.

The following subject is something people should be aware of.

Competition gets tough, people are always looking for an edge. That can lead some people to cheating.

"Just DL this app"...

Seems to be a minor thing but it's not.

Really...cheating...that's what this is about?

It's actually about hacking. There is a difference between administration and hacking.

Some gamers will go on to have a career in the computing industry.

If you " just DL this app", "its just a game"... You may decide it's also fun to cross the line between administration, and hacking.

There is disinformation all over the net about hacking. There is white hat, administration, and hacking, or black hat.

White hat is not hacking. Do not refer to admins as hackers.

Administration and hacking are not the same thing, and the terms are not interchangeable.

My point is, don't lose your life because, "I just wanted to play a game".

A lot of hackers are like people that spray paint things they shouldn't.
"It's art, self expression",'s crime. It's called vandalization.

That's the same for the hackers that have the same mentality. You will end up in jail, or unable to get a job.

Successful administrators can enjoy rewarding careers making a lot of money.

Successful coders can do many things, like make games. Make your own website, run your own business, work for a tech giant, work for infosec in the private realm or with the government.

Hackers go to jail.< Sounds like fun right? Enjoy being locked up, or working for a few dollars a day while your locked up.

Dang....could have been making hundreds of thousands a year. Or over $10,000 a month, how about $20,000 a month.

There are lines..They are not taken lightly.


It's actually about hacking
Yes & No. Someone likely hacked to create the cheat, but someone using said cheat are *only* cheating.

White hat is not hacking.
By definition, they are. They're ethical hackers, yes... but hackers nonetheless.

You may decide it's also fun to cross the line between administration, and hacking.
Hackers go to jail.
I'm really not sure what you're attempting to say here. Are you saying that cheating/modding = hacking and people will go to jail? That's a bit of a stretch for simply using an app etc - the creators would be the ones more likely to be punished. The userbase would more than likely be banned from a given title/platform and that's that.

Are you saying that by using a mod/cheat that a 'normal' user will end up a hacker? Again, quite the stretch.
Sure, it's possible and I'm in no way defending cheating in competitive games, but simply downloading/installing/using a mod or cheat is not going to send anybody to jail, nor is it going to turn them into a hacker overnight.