Jul 1, 2011
Okay so my brother has a pc that can usually play any game on high settings, without a hitch. Such examples are dirt 3 and shogun 2. However, he recently purchased Deus Ex Human Revolution and, while being above the minimum system specs and just about on the line for recommended specs, he can't play the game on even the lowest settings, as it chugs horribly at about 5fps. Why can't he play this game substantially nevertheless not at all?

His specs:
Core 2 Duo 2.8ghz
Asus GTS 4xx GPU
4gb DDR2

Any comments/suggestions are much appreciated. Ty!

The Halo Don

Apr 24, 2011
If you can still play the other games max settings, just wait for a patch for the game to be released.

Also seeing how you have An Nvidia, and Deus Ex was partnered with AMD, that might also be a problem, as we have seen this many times, example would Brink, with Nvidia it worked great but had problems with AMD.

So like I said just wait for a patch, they'll most likely fix it :)
yeah wait for a patch, and Brink is a total mess of a game...


What specific gpu does your bro have im assuming a gts 450? also what is the make and model of his psu and his monitors resolution?

In the end it sounds like the driver you are using is not quite optimized.... maybe try a different (older) driver but if that does not work you will just have to wait for the patch inevitably
These are all great suggestions. This is a new game and with AMD as partner its likely not optimized for nVidia play. I also like the DX9 suggestion.
It may take a patch to resolve Nvidia issues. It sucks that you can't play this new game, but unfortunately in the software world too many companies are accustomed to fixing game issues post-release through patches. The best way to combat this practice is: Don't buy their products.

+1 totally agreed this is the devs problem not nvidia imo


Mar 24, 2009
You could try lowering your DX setting - For example, if Deus Ex supports DX11, you could try running it in DX10 mode. Also make sure you've turned off all potentially crippling effects like Eyefinity or 3d output (admittedly unlikely).