Gaming keyboard recommendation


Jun 3, 2012
What keyboard would you recommend for gaming. I'm building a PC and I'm not sure which one to get. My budget I guess will be around £50. But I'm flexible give or take, as long as it isn't too expensive.
QPAD®|MK-50 mechanical keyboard is 1 of the best it features full nkey roll over via ps2 but costs about £66... it really is in a league of its own at this price.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1176&bih=873&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=17004272950174537380&sa=X&ei=akzNT4P4GsrIsgaeqtmwBg&ved=0CH0Q8wIwCDhk

it may not be a cheap board but its worthy of the cost. it will out perform much more expensive dome keyboards as well as cheaper 1s. if you buy direct from q-pad you can choose the layout and typer of cherry switch you want . this will cost a little more as they charge 20euro delivery ontop of there 79 euro price tag which puts it in the £78+ bracket all in...
this being said it does mean you get the feel and regional layout of your choice...
the key choices are cherry black red blue and brown. if you are happy with blue than any e-taler that stocks the qpad would be a better place to buy from as they will charge less for p and p.


Dec 4, 2009
Gaming keyboard = Cool. Ordinary keyboard = looks nice. But the bottom line is; it all depends on your skill in playing. Or if you like this Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard
6 months ago i might have agreed with you but there are to many cheaper better alternatives available that give better input, dont choke your system with bloatware, better backlighting, better anti ghosting and key roll over...

the g110 for instance does 6 key roll over while the g19 for some reason only does 5. admittedly i have only ever pressed 5 keys at a time but 1 day i may need to press more and if your keyboard has a minimum of 6 you know 5 key presses will not choke it...
like i said 6 months ago i may have agreed with you but since then i have been learning a lot about keyboards there +'s and there -'s and until logitech pull there finger out and release something thats comparable to a tt esports or better than a razer black widow (which is pretty much the worst mechanical keyboard but still better than the g19) they are gonna be second rate...

if you want a logitech g110 then the thermal take tt esports meka g1 or G-unit is for you its virtually identical in layout with macro keys on the side, but has the advantage of cherry keys and 6key rollover minimum.
but i still suggest you go to the q-pad site and pick your own keys and layout...