Question Gaming Laptop Advice: 60Hz (Ryzen) or 120Hz (Intel)?

Apr 19, 2022

So, if I have two laptops with a GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6, and one has a 6c/12t 5000 Series Ryzen CPU with a 60Hz screen (Used laptop) and the other is a 4c/8t i5 10th CPU with a 120Hz (New laptop, never used). Both have same amount of RAM and SSD and same price.

So I know that a Ryzen 6 core is a more future proof option, but I'll not be stuck on that hardware for forever, I mean that for sure my next upgrade will be with an RTX laptop and >=6 core cpu, but right now I don't have the budget for it (I'll not use the laptop for more than 5 years). I also know that a GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6 is not a really powerful GPU so I'll not be able to reach really high framerate on new/modern games in High Details, but right now I'm more interested in running past games, that I wasn't really able to run at an enjoyable framerate with my current laptop, i7 6700HQ and GTX 950M 2GB, like PUBG, Rocket League, MGSV, Halo MCC, Halo Infinite (current, not really past).

I know that in games what usually really matters is the GPU, so what I thought was, if both of them have the same GPU, a more powerful CPU will not make a big of a difference, so maybe a new laptop with a 120Hz will be a more "enjoyable" choice, also because I never used or tried a 120Hz, and if I'll be able to use it at least on "older" games, it will be a nice thing.

So, which one would you choose between the two? Used 6c laptop with a 60Hz or a new 4c laptop with a 120Hz screen? I think I'm more oriented on the 120Hz but I'd like to hear more opinions ^^
Thank you!

P.S.: I'll not use the laptop for rendering or video editing, just normal daily tasks and gaming.
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May 14, 2015

Since the i5 laptop is new and most likely comes with a warranty (right?) and same price i might pick that

Just remember a few things:
120hz doesnt always mean a better display
Colour gamut
Max brightness
Are also important and im assuming both are ips if the 120hz is a tn just run and dont look back xD tn is just the worst

Even 1 core of that i5 will be worse than 1 core of the ryzen 5600h and the 5600h will even use less power (for the same performance) and has a kind of capable igpu (for old games on low settings for a much better battery life)

Also most of the older games i play dont support anything above 60hz
If i remember correctly mgsv also breaks if you try anything above 60
Some of the game engines used will break down if you unlock the framerate

And check if the monitors have vvr (gsync/freesync) if the 120hz has and the 60hz doesnt just forget all i said and buy the 120hz i5 one xD
I think this is the single most important feature of a gaming screen ;)

Lastly if your gpu is not capable usually there are many things you can do to make it work lower settings lower resolution potato graphics mods so even with a lower tier gpu you usually CAN play what you want (even if its low 720p30fps) if your cpu is not capable you are usually out of luck :/
Coming from an amd sempron 2800+
i know xD
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I would go with the intel one as the laptop is new which probably means it has warranty, since they both have the same GPUs, the intel one's GPU should perform better as it hasn't been used.

But make sure you check the screen on both before buying to make sure the quality is to your standard.