Question Gaming laptop - low performance

Oct 3, 2020
Hello guys, writing here with hope that somebody will help me. Also sorry for bad english. :)

So the thing is, I run games on gaming laptop, bad or good, you can decide. I think its a good one. One of favorite games is gta v, but cant get fps I want. Im looking for 60 fps, but on every settings (low-very high) i got 45 in city and 55 outside. Already tried every solution, from battery performance settings , reinstalling to cores disabling, NOTHING. Before buying did some research and decide that this will be a nice gaming laptop for some time. For example, same pc, almost same specs (different hz screen) - games benchmarks is great, but mines not. Also bf warzone running everything on high and getting 45-60fps. Nfs Heat 45-55 fps.
I think that this pc need to run games a lot higher fps rates, but maybe I`m wrong? Need smarter guys to tell me things.
And one strange fact, yesterday downloaded Razer Cortex and there is that fps chart window where it says that I got stable 90-120 fps while playing, but on screen game is running like on xbox one s. :D

Old rig with 2gb video and i3 run gta 5 on medium stable 65 fps.

there is that video -

Really hope for solution.
Attached my rig specs in photo. Thanks boys, have a nice weekend.