Gaming Laptop performance drop when connected over HDMI


Oct 27, 2017
Hi guys.
I own a gaming capable Laptop (GTX 1050ti, i7 7700HQ, 16 GB Ram) but I'm having issues whenever I try to connect it to my TV to play on the big screen.

It basically comes down to big performance drops. Games that normally run at 60fps and drop to 50-55FPs during taxing scenes are now running at 50fps and dropping down as low as 30fps during the same taxing scenes.

I've asked this in other places and gotten some suggestions but none of them have worked. So just to help things along:
- Both the laptop screen and the TV are 1080p and the game is set to run at 1080p in both cases. So there is no resolution difference when switching over to the TV
- As far as I can tell it's not switching to the Integrated graphics card. I've set the GTX 1050ti as default on the envidia global settings and when going to "display -> display adapter properties " when connected to the TV it's showing the GTX 1050ti
- All drivers are updated.

Might anyone have any suggestion? I got this laptop not just for gaming but also for using graphical software and video editing software and while I haven't done many test yet it would be a shame if graphical performance was also compromised with that type of software when I want to use my TV