Question Gaming Laptop right for IT student ?

May 4, 2021
I'm stuck in a situation, My cousin needs a new laptop to start graduation in the computer field,

We select Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 AMD Ryzen 5, 8 GB RAM, 4GB NVIDIA GC, 1TB HDD, 250GB SSD with Windows 10 OS

But the question and confusion, Is that right gaming laptop for their study of computer graduation? Is there all developing software runs easily on it and compatible the right way?


Jun 9, 2021
Looks like the usual budget-plus setup to me.

You might want another with a better display panel, if your cousin's major has anything to do with graphical design.

Should be more than enough for typical IDEs and office softwares for undergrad-level work, though.

EDIT: And read a few more reviews. Typical user reviews can be astroturfed, while technically-minded ones - those including things like thermal and noise measurements and display quality - can be harder to fake, if all major sources agree.
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Where will your cousin be going to college? (Not actually asking per se - no answer expected.)

The college may have a recommended laptop (or at least suggested hardware specs) based on the software required for general studies and IT/computer classes.

Plus the college may have discounts available for computers/laptops purchased via the college bookstore.

Check with the applicable college or the applicable IT department.

Math Geek

IT is a very broad area, each with wildy different needs.

for instance, working with databases vs game development would need different specs.

i work a lot with networking and build virtual networks a lot. lots and lots of vm's, so i went with a lot of cpu cores and tons of ram so each vm can get what it needs.

and so on and so on. you'll need to get a lot more specific with what exactly he will be working on and with to decide what to go with.
Aug 18, 2019
It depends on your Budget what would be your budget, My suggestion is to look for a Decent Laptop specially Ryzen laptop cheap than a intel powered laptops but pricing may vary on different countries.

In laptops there are several configuration for you to choose for 1 model they different/Several variants
High End CPU but LOW END GPU but it has a 1 Single Channel 8gb and less storage and the price is $
High End CPU and HIGH END GPU but Single RAM 8gb less storage the price is $$$
Mid End CPU and HIGH END GPU 16gb Ram Good storage the price is expensive $$$$
and more there's a lot of configuration of the laptop for a single model

Since you're an IT Student go for a Good CPU that is good for multi tasking 8 cores or 6 cores and ill help you a lot and if you just game decently like esports game or not in a high quality detail u can just go for a 1650ti or 3050, 3050 ti config if the price is good those specs can game a decent 30 to 60fps 1080p for now the 3050 is bit expensive since it is newly released.

So if you found a GOOD Gaming/Productivity Laptop make sure to check every reviews such as

  1. Thermal's that is very crucial high temps can throttle down ur performance for CPU and GPU your paying it and ur not getting the performance that ur expecting.
  2. Upgradability such as RAM, Storage Space, others can upgrade the Battery as well
  3. Performance
I can recommend you a Good Laptop Reviewer Jarrod's Tech in youtube he has in depth review of the device for specific models benchmark and all so yeah if you found 1 before you buy it make sure to drop by to Jarrod's tech its very helpful when choosing your device.