Question Gaming laptop runs at 144hz, but i need it to run at 60hz

Mar 6, 2021
So because Bethesda is such a terrible game developer you cant run higher than 60hz without taking a MASSIVE hit on your frame rate,
I'm trying to play fallout 76 on my gaming laptop.
I try to scale down the refresh rate to 60hz but the laptop doesn't even have anything under 144hz as an option..
When you go to make a custom resolution in NVIDIA Control Panel, the option isn't even there, because it runs off the Intel gfx card at the desktop...
The laptop screen isn't compatible with 60hz, so is there a way to spoof fallout 76 into thinking its running at 60hz?

this is the laptop im using
I've reinstalled the drivers and no changes.
it uses a LAPQC71A motherboard
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Make and model of your laptop? An SKU to said laptop will help us two fold. You might want to also see which version of Nvidia's drivers you're working with. I'd advise in using DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers and manually reinstalling said drivers with the latest sourced off of Nvidia's support site. When installing drivers, do so in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.