Question gaming laptop, sudden poor performance

Feb 28, 2021
I just got my computer back from Dell support factory reset, final repair and warranty ended so I can't go back without paying more money . (motherboard was loose)
My issue. Previously games I had no issues playing (IE gears tactics, star wars battlefront.) have choppy framerate. I've managed to get some of my performance back but still not getting a consistent experience
Dell inspirion 15 gaming 7567. WIndows 10 home latest update 4 year old laptop
Model : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
Logical cores : 4
Graphics card : GeForce GTX 1050 Ti on GP107-A GPU
Display driver : 461.72
BIOS : 86.07.3c.00.60
onboard graphics i : Intel(R) HD Graphics 630
16gb RAM
Has a factory installed hDD, BUT I am currently running windows from a Micron 110 SATA 1 TB SSD drive. (so the PC boots and runs from this, not the HDD.)
What I've done so far. updated all drivers, updated BIOS. Rolled back Bios. Re- updated BIOS. Changed graphics settings in the nvidia control panel to the graphics.
I was able to get sorta back to where I was via Disabling C states, disabling Turbo Boost and toggling power plan to maximum.
currently working thru overclocking to see if I can put myself to peak performance.
any suggestions would be great. I did reach out to dell but would be paying for a warranty or repair... No


Which version of Windows 10 are you currently on? We're on version 20H2. I tried to lookup your laptop's model with respect to Dell's support site. Your BIOS version doesn't match up with what I'm seeing. Use CPU-Z, go to the motherboard tab and scope out the BIOS version.

Maybe if you used the laptop's Service Tag here, to find a tailored set of results.

Please do NOT roll back BIOS unless you want to find an excuse to replace the entire laptop since doing so can and most often will brick your laptop for good.

Given how you're on a 7th Gen Intel processor, you could use Throttlestop or Intel's XTU to undervolt to curb your temps if they're high but I'd look at the BIOS(being the latest) and the drivers(as well) to see first before you tinker with temps/undervolting.
Feb 28, 2021
Thank you for replying
I'm using windows 10 home edition. Version 2004. Os build 19041.804
Cpu-z lists my bios version as 1.13.1. I had tried going to 1.12.1 . But went back up.

I did a bench test via CPU-Z doing multi thread 4
Got scored 298 on single and
Got 1099.4 with 4 threads
my position in rankings according to that was 1099
Below an I core 7100 and above an Intel xeon x5460. i should mention my temp was ranked at 65 c /149 f

I'll re-do the drivers via the service tag page. Running a stress test currently. I'll update once I have stress test results and re-verified drivers
Feb 28, 2021
Stress test ranked in at 1056.9. for some reason, even leaving it over night, it never gave me a complete message. testing the driver updates with some other tweeks today.