Question Gaming Micro Lag Issues


Oct 6, 2017
I'm 99% certain this is an internet issue because I have no sign of fps drops and I have a high spec pc.
I get weird micro jumps in online games, I don't really know how best to explain it but it feels like my ping spikes high every 0.25-0.5 seconds. It's not like an occasional drop out every few seconds like a normal wireless issue. This lagg is constant and almost looks like fps lagg but I have a high frame rate.

I was having the issue with wireless so I switched to a wired ethernet connection and i'm still having the same problem. It seems to be worse on games with higher resolution textures like rainbow six siege, lesser but noticeable in csgo and completely unnoticeable in World of Warcraft which is really low resolution, if i bump the graphics up in WoW it becomes noticeable again.

I have low ping (below 50) without a single sign of a spike to be seen on the in-game latency display.
I have used TRACERT to googles address in command prompt and pinged the first few addresses in the route with no packet loss and all extremely low ping (sub 10ms max 15ms).

The issue started after I bought a new router but the router is meant to be a huge upgrade compared to my older one in terms of wireless range and stuff so I don't really understand the issue. I want to know if this is a fixable issue so I don't have to rollback to my old router.

New Router TP Link AC1900
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