Question Gaming modem with Geo filter ?

Feb 18, 2021
Hello friends! I am professional streamer ! I have serious problem with FIFA connectivity! If anyone plays FIFA knows what I mean! After a lot of search I think I need gaming router! I am living in Greece and I am wondering if I can choose the servers I would connect with Geo filter! Is that possible??? Has anyone tried modem with this filter? Is there a router also with Geo filter which I can use with my ISP providers modem???
Since I don't play the game I guess I don't know why you are doing this. I will assume since you are asking this fifa does not use centrally hosted servers.

For most games all the matters is the ping latency. This is only kinda related to geo location. You can have horrible ping time to the house across the street that is using a different ISP than you depending on how they interconnect. Maybe the 2 ISP only connect to each other in a far away city. To a point the actual distance will matter say if it is in a different country but geo location is extremely bad sometimes at predicting that. Many times it is based on where the ISP has registered the IP rather than where they are actually used.

You are much better off using actual testing the latency with a ping command rather than used geo location software. Most games even with central hosts show you the ping time to servers since these numbers can actually change based on load.

If you are trying to geo block players from certain countries form connecting to your server it might work. But someone doing bad stuff will just use a VPN to hide their actual location. Of course using vpn make the latency higher.

In general I would not attempt to use the feature espeically if you have a high speed internet connection. Most routers have a feature that lets traffic bypass the cpu to get high speed. To do geolocation it would have to compare IP addresses to some list. That by itself is fairly cpu intensive but it also disables the bypass feature. You would likely cap your top speed to 200-250mbps on most router and much less on router that is not as powerful.